1) A fabric dodger, which blocks the way forward. Jessica & Abby had hard protection.

As did Zac. Certainly better, but I don't think a deal-killer.

2) A wheel. J&A used a tiller, which lets you sit on the side of the boat with an unobstructed view forward. I'm guessing, but I think it's a lot harder to break a tiller.

Most modern larger boats use wheels. They give a great mechanical advantage, and can be controlled sitting on the side, like a tiller. It is a "system", though, so there is the possibility of parts failure...so as always, increased complexity increases potential failure issues. However, I'd think this would be the way to go.

3) The canvas cockpit cover. Laura looks set for a cruise in the tropics, which is the plan. Still, a knockdown...


There is a chunky wooden object behind her - tiller? self-steering?

Neither. Can't tell what exactly it is, because of the angle. would not be a tiller, on a wheeled boat. The autopilots on these boats are electronic.

Looking at a review of this boat model, which was discontinued in 1980, I don't like this notation: "The boat is not well set up for singlehanded sailing."

The other thing I see in that picture that is disconcerting, is that the winches are not self-tailing. I would think that would be critical in heavy conditions.