A) What is Jessica's first name? Jessica
B) How long is her S&S 34 boat? 34 feet (10.23 meters)
C) Name one 'S' in S&S. Sparkman
D) Jessica suffered about how many knock-downs? I kept hearing 7 (although I can only remember 6)
E) What is the worst thing about a knock-down? The inside of your boat gets trashed.
F) What is a 'dunny'? Toilet.
G) Name the 4 Capes Jessica sailed around. Good Hope; Horn; Leeuwin; South East.
H) Jessica sailed a lot in the "Roaring Forties". She was also in the "??? Fifties". Fearsome.
I) From what official location did Jessica depart & return? Sydney Harbour.
J) What brand of diesel motor did she use? Not a clue.
K) How did she jury-rig the motor when it failed? I thought the fuel pump failed, not the motor.
L) Why did she need to run the motor? To recharge her batteries and/or run her electronic communications equipment, primarily.
M) When she returned, the steel solar panel frame was bent. What caused that? Her third knock-down (which was a complete "turtle").
N) Where did Jessica see the highest waves of the journey? Not far into the Atlantic (during her 4 knock-downs -- see Question M).
O) What is Jessica's auto-pilot's name? Parker.
P) How many fish did Jessica catch and eat? One fish; one squid.
Q) Name Jessica's favorite food item. Sara's & Abby's, too. Chocolate.
R) Other than Australia, she saw land only once during her trip. Where? Cape of Good Hope.
S) How many feet of rope did Jessica have aboard Ella's Pink Lady? Not a clue.
T) Did Jessica set an official record for the youngest solo/nonstop/unsupported circumnavigation? No. [No comment...]
U) How long did Jessica keep the Prime Minister of Australia waiting? About 2 hours beyond the expected original time.
V) Why did Jessica need to be driven to her hotel after arriving in Sydney? It was too far away to walk.
W) What did she profess to want most of all when she arrived? A hot shower.
X) Was this her boat's first circumnavigation? No.
Y) What color is Ella's Pink Lady now? Still mostly pink, but with some added brown on its sides and underbelly from sea organisms growing there during the voyage).
Z) What is the shortest possible global route that satisfies crossing the Equator twice, crossing all lines of longitude, & visiting an antipode? 23,000 nautical miles -- Jessica's route.

Additional questions:

1) What one word did Jessica probably (over)use the most on all of her videos during her journey?
2) When Jessica docked her boat next to the Sydney Opera House, did (a) she climb off the boat and greet her parents, or (b) her parents pull her off the boat to greet her?
3) What is the name of Jessica's PR company?
4) When was Jessica's 17th birthday, and what color of dress did she wear for the occasion?
5) Did Jessica sail west or east of the Falkland Islands when she went by them?
6) How many days was Jessica at sea altogether?
7) How old was Jessica when she first began sailing?
8) How old was Jessica when she first got the idea to circumnavigate the globe?
9) When Jessica first began sailing at the age in Question 7, did she like sailing, or was she afraid of it?
10) Did Jessica contradict the Australian Prime Minister in front of the crowd at her homecoming?
11) Once Jessica crossed the finish line of her voyage, which two previous circumnavigators boarded her boat shortly therafter (not counting customs, obviously), and which one of those two drove the boat to the dock?
12) Reportedly, at the height of her triumphal entry into Sydney Harbour, before docking, how many boats turned out to escort her in?
13) During her homecoming, what did a complete stranger give her as she made her way from Ella's Pink Lady up to the welcome home ceremony (the answer is not flowers)?
14) Did Jessica ever cut her hair during the voyage?
15) What symbolical gesture did Jessica do to herself when she crossed the Equator into the Northern Hemisphere for the first time?
16) At what Cape did her parents circle her boat overhead in a small plane to see her and talk to her?
17) What kind of bird did Jessica say she would miss that occasionally kept her company along the way?
18) What are the first two words of the name of her upcoming book about her voyage?
19) For how much (in Australian dollars) are they selling limited edition, autographed sections of her mainsail?
20) Where did the name "Ella" (of Ella's Pink Lady) come from?
21) How long did Jessica keep NSW Premier Kenealley(sp?) waiting?
22) At what time (Pacific Daylight Time) did Jessica finally dock her boat on May 14 (again PDT)?

If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracle of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.
- Lyndon Johnson, on signing the Wilderness Act into law (1964)