Well, here's an end-of-year wrap on our intrepid sailor girls.

Laura has turned back into a touron in St Barts. Her webby people have never gotten the hang of permalinks, so the pointer is always to the most recent post, which breaks all archival references. Besides that, the "Where is Laura" tracking page has never worked.

Abby wishes us all a Happy New Year. She's thinking of taking on the bagpipes. Somebody needs to tell her that the bagpipes were invented by the Irish & given to the Scots as a practical joke, who, to this day, haven't gotten it.

Jessica had a great Christmas and is sunbaking on the beach.

On a different note, Jeanne Socrates, who is not a teenager, is approaching Cape Horn. The link takes you to the home page, click on the link under "Latest Logs" for the newest.
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