I find myself mocking Laura's English, forgetting that it is not Laura, but Babelfish torturing her words. Any Dutch speakers on this board?

Here is the latest post.

"Sea miles still 170 to the Canary islands. Guppy run terribly. With two " zeiltjes" on, I obtain the genua and the storm foresail 6 tie. Yesterday Guppy rolled rather because I wind slantingly of achteren had. I became even a smattering seasick. But today I am entirely in my rhythm, I am days now 4 on sea and feel myself very well and macaroni tastes best. From time to time to see I in the verte a sail boat. Also a sail boat me has come, a very separate experience on sea! Dolphins come regular look at if it goes well with me."

English version now up...

"170 nautical miles to go until the Canary Islands. Guppy sails great. With only two sails
up, the Genoa and the storm jib, we are doing 6 knots. Yesterday Guppy was rolling
pretty much with the wind coming from behind. I got a little bit seasick. But today I found
my rhythm after being at sea for four days now, I feel fine and the macaroni has a better
taste. From time to time I can see a sailboat in the distance. Actually one sailboat came
to my encounter, a very special experience to have at at sea! Dolphins come by
periodically to see if all goes well with me.

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