You may have noticed that Jessica mentioned ANZAC day.

I'm perhaps the only Oz on this board, so here's an explanation.

ANZAC is an acronym for Australian New Zealand Army Corps.

On April 25, 1915, they were tasked with landing at Gallipoli.

This was a cynical move by the British to divert attention from a Pommy attack on another site.

So the military failure, unlike any other nation pair, has become the most significant national celebration.

There are no more Gallipoli veterans, and a very few WWII veterans. My Dad (RAN) passed away several years ago.

If you scroll down a page or two, on the left-hand side there is a pic of the ANZAC parade in Wagga.

"One of the traditions of Anzac Day is the 'gunfire breakfast' (coffee with rum added) which occurs shortly after many dawn ceremonies, and recalls the 'breakfast' taken by many soldiers before facing battle."

There is a huge groundswell of participation by the younger generation of Australians & New Zealanders - this is widely recognized as a generational statement of the futility of war.

Oh, yeah, they play 2-up, footy & get drunk.

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