I promised you a quiz.

There might be several trick questions. For our ultra-intelligent board members, A) is not one of them. Maybe.
Score yourself out of 25. The extra question is a bonus.
I'm betting on CaT for the best score.
Post away, answers on Wednesday night.

The Prize: If you live on the beach, A lifetime supply of salt water.

The Quiz:

A) What is Jessica's first name?
B) How long is her S&S 34 boat?
C) Name one 'S' in S&S.
D) Jessica suffered about how many knock-downs?
E) What is the worst thing about a knock-down?
F) What is a 'dunny'?
G) Name the 4 Capes Jessica sailed around.
H) Jessica sailed a lot in the "Roaring Forties". She was also in the "??? Fifties"
I) From what official location did Jessica depart & return?
J) What brand of diesel motor did she use?
K) How did she jury-rig the motor when it failed?
L) Why did she need to run the motor?
M) When she returned, the steel solar panel frame was bent. What caused that?
N) Where did Jessica see the highest waves of the journey?
O) What is Jessica's auto-pilot's name?
P) How many fish did Jessica catch and eat?
Q) Name Jessicas favourite food item. Sara's & Abby's, too.
R) Other than Australia, she saw land only once during her trip. Where?
S) How many feet of rope did Jessica have aboard Ella's Pink Lady?
T) Did Jessica set an official record for the youngest solo/nonstop/unsupported circumnavigation?
U) How long did Jessica keep the Prime Minister of Australia waiting?
V) Why did Jessica need to be driven to her hotel after arriving in Sydney?
W) What did she profess to want most of all when she arrived?
X) Was this her boat's first circumnavigation?
Y) What color is Ella's Pink Lady now?
Z) What is the shortest possible global route that satisfies crossing the Equator twice, crossing all lines of longitude, & visiting an antipode?
Verum audaces non gerunt indusia alba. - Ipsi dixit MCMLXXII