Some fresh new Abbica news...

Stalling and Over again

Jessica was tipped again, a bottle of detergent broke open so the cabin (and computer) is really clean.

"I was sorry to hear about Abby having to pull in to Cape Town for repairs. But like Abby said so well in her blog the other day, in one way it's great that we're now aiming for slightly different records, so that we don't have to be competing with each other. I'm also totally jealous that she's probably going to beat me to a hot shower!"

Jessica is hanging around (in the washing machine!) until the weather will be better for sailing around under Tasmania.

A mention in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Nice and Sunny.

Followers have been sending nasty email to her auto-pilot's manufacturer.

"I have to just ask that people please not send nasty emails to Coursemaster. They have received a few very rude emails and I just would like to make it clear that Coursemaster has been extremely helpfull"

I noticed this:

Day 94 (4/26/2010) - About 1,486 miles Southwest of Cape Town, South Africa

Day 95 (4/27/2010) - About 1,150 miles Southwest of Cape Town, South Africa

That's more than 300 miles.

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