New post for L. De radio is kapot.

We needed Babelfish for that? Here is the rest:

"Hello all it goes very well here only radio is unfortunately gone further seems get Guppy more on a dive boat then on a sail boat we thus much water concerning. It can be come on that we many zwerfvuil against and much old pieces fishnet and especially with that last must watch out you, I have, however, seen during my last sniffing to United Kingdom. We have the sail on and the engine assists, we sail now 5.9 knts and wind is south West 4-5 bft our rate is SW 249 degrees. It is not real holiday much rain and it is cold especially s' night, the temperature are degrees now 18. Meanwhile we have already taken off 387 miles and at present sail we middle in English the canal, between Plymouth in United Kingdom and Saint-Pol-de-Leon in France."

Update in English.

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