My response to the second article:

"Jane, you lay out a clear enumeration of the boats features, but you end with a flat statement of cause, without any reason to believe you know what you are talking about. Wild Eyes was, indeed, well outfitted and designed. The only thing missing was an EXPERIENCED and capable skipper. Abby was exhausted by the time of the dismasting, and was making a series of mistakes that an experienced sailor would not make (going to bed with sail aloft in a blow, "hoping" that the wind would go down--it went up, resulting in a knock-down). She didn't have the experience, knowledge, or most importantly, judgement, to deal with the situation. It was clearly thought that the redundant advanced communication would allow her to talk to people with the skills and knowledge to tell her what to do. As Abby has learned, many many people have attempted to substitute technology with skill in attacking nature. Some have been lucky, but most often, it fails, often tragically."