Laura has posted from the Marina Portimao.

Babelfish continues to amuse and amaze...

"It was the previous days this way busy that it shot just as in to write blog. The first day to country desalinates the complete boat and the wax gedraait, we had 3 washing machines full! everything this way salt had become because the boat the first days more under if above water its excursion started to the south. With my fathers toe it goes meanwhile what improves. Furthermore we are of course still what small jobs on the boat to winding up. New the radio new for the radar which became by Seiwa immediately available is put there and has been also again inaugurated. Is splendidly here but and I have just as descended of my fur coat, which had I complete gone to Portugal, however, because when it was not this way warm. Here a t-shirt and shorts are sufficient. Laura"  
Verum audaces non gerunt indusia alba. - Ipsi dixit MCMLXXII