It is really difficult to sort through all of the media interviews, releases, commentary...and possibly sour grapes due to deals gone south, so I have been pretty much ignoring it. However, I do have one question that has been nagging for a bit: Why did they push forward with the trip, even though the window was nearly closed for the "traditional" departure months for such a trip? (Nov-Dec)When addressed, the query is mostly waved off as "you can get bad weather at any time". This is true (as we see in our glorious mountains) however, logic would dictate that seasonal influences would definitely be against you, much like there being more of a chance of a thuderstorm in July than there would be in October, when one hikes Whitney.If the trip was for accomplishment, adventure, and self-reliance, would a nine-month delay matter that much? I can only conclude that perhaps prudence was set aside for a shot at the age record.

The body betrays and the weather conspires, hopefully, not on the same day.