This from Column 8, in Steve C's honour. Or perhaps it's a goal-setting thing.

We did it! We've found the 18th-century grandad. Well, we didn't do much, but the ancestors of Theo Boehm certainly did. Over to Theo: ''My grandfather, Johann Georg Boehm, was born in Muschten in the province of Brandenburg , Prussia, on February 29, 1796. In 1838 with a wife and six children he migrated to Australia in a ship called the Zebra, settling in South Australia. When his wife died, he remarried and had a further six children, the youngest of whom was my father, born in 1896 (an original Anzac at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915). I was born in 1922 and am now not only a grand-, but a great-grandfather. I trust that this meets the object of your search.'' Meets the object of our search? Not half it doesn't - this is heroic stuff! Especially fathering a child at that age!

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