Laura has posted Land in Sight.

Some more Babelfish torture:

"After 4 days only water vanochtend a bit country appeared. I could it country unfortunately earlier on the radar see then outside because the visibility was not this way terrible well. That improved by the afternoon and all clouds even pulled away fortunately and made place for nicely warm zonnetje. Now I lie on the Canary islands with the first ettape of my travel behind the back. It was terrible first ettape where I can look at feeling with a good on. Sleeps, food navigate and all other things to border descended me good, and both it and my rhythm on the boat became with the day improves. I provisionally just as against country to must look at, but with the delicious and splendid view here that will succeed, however. Sorry that the English site was not updated and that the blogs sometimes what of information was briefly. But it succeeded not entirely to get everything on sea well. I will try it fix now. Laura"
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