Yesterday was quite an emotional roller-coaster for me.

First off, the Oz team in the T20 World Cup were so far behind Pakistan that I pretty much gave up on them. Then this happened! Tomorrow it's Oz vs the Poms. That's 8:30 WZT, so don't bother me. Ask me & I'll expound on crickies being much more exciting than baseball.

Then Atlantis left the planet like a homesick angel. I was present for the first & second Shuttle landings (Oh! that sonic boom!), and have missed few televised Shuttle events. Worst case, if the Shuttle program had only supported the Hubble 'scope, it would have been worth the cost, but it did much much more than that. You do know that there are only 2-3 launches left, right?.

Then Jess came home. Kept the Prime Minister of Australia waiting for hours.

I'm in awe & shock of our two nations, "separated by a common language". (GBS).

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