L. has posted again, but she's gone back to Dutch.

The Fish has:

"We have best hurried up and now started with cross of the golf of Biskaje. At last it is nicely and the sun seems it is almost calm and we have hoisted the spinaker and have a top speed of, however, 1.9 button haha. The sea is splendid blauw and I have made macaroni for pa ready and he finds it very nice. Also are I glad with groetjes of grandpa and granny with derision goes it fortunately also terrible well further has I also all what done to my school. By means of iridium sateliet tel. I can keep happy contact with the team and my family. We miles now 526 have sailed and the rate is degrees now 190. Doei Laura"


Thanks for the comments. Still think that dodger is an obstacle course, if she needs to go forward.
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