Making some sense of this now. The English post is just the title, the text is available only in Dutch.

So firing up the trusty??? Babelfish:

22-8-2010 - Start Solo

"I have at last left for my traveltravel travel from Gibraltar. In Portimao I was already approached after a day by the press and tourists. The complete day ran there dozens of people concerning the wharf. And everyone had zonodig all foto' s make! That found I really annoying. Guppy had be tested still with new introduced equipment. I decided to Gibraltar sail because it a piece was quieter there. Moreover with that no adult needed in the 12 miles area. I am also the rock of Gibraltar opgeweest. The monkeys which live there its even car ingeklommen. Also I found the old casemates on the rock really interestingly. Zaterdagmorgen 21 augusts threw my father mooring ropes there separately and went I at last solo!"

23-8-2010 - Freedom

"I am already two days underway and enjoy the rest and space for me gone. At present a good wind after a day little wind, therefore engine. By rolling Guppy a smattering charge of seasickness have. But that goes now fortunately improves. I am already concerning half of my first stage. It goes nicely"

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