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Go to the Univ.of Colorado Boulder to the cafeteria grill where the slogan is: Have a friend for Lunch

Be sure you spell the lst name correctly for the bonus points, although both spellings are accepted around here.

Correctly? The Wikipedia article on our man lists says he was born with the "re" spelling but lists the "er" spelling in quotes.

The collegiate culture note is entertaining. From the same Wiki article:
In 1968, students at the University of Colorado at Boulder named their new cafeteria grill the "XXXXXX X. XXXXXX Memorial Grill" with the slogan "Have a friend for lunch!" Today students can enjoy the meat-filled "El Canibal" underneath a giant wall map outlining his travels through Colorado.

An urban legend has it that the Department of Agriculture's cafeteria was officially named for XXXXXX. While untrue, the legend has some factual basis. Secretary of Agriculture Bob Bergland attempted to terminate a contract for cafeteria food service, but was prevented by the General Services Administration (GSA). To embarrass the GSA, Bergland and his employees convened a press conference on 10 August 1977 to unveil a plaque naming the executive cafeteria "The XXXXXX XXXXXX Memorial Grill," announcing that XXXXXX's life exemplified the spirit and fare of the cafeteria and would "serve all mankind." It was covered on ABC-TV Evening News Vanderbilt Television News Archive that night by reporter Barbara Walters. The stratagem was successful and the contracts were terminated soon thereafter. In magnanimous victory, Bergland yielded to bureaucratic objection that the plaque lacked official GSA authorization, and removed it. Members of the National Press Club, ever happy to seize memorabilia, today display it on the wall of The Reliable Source, a members-only bar. It doubles as a memorial to the late Stanley Weston (1931-84), a man who worked at the USDA. The Press Club's hamburger is called the "XXXXXX XXXXXX Burger."

Wiki does not mention Mick. I am not getting Google searches with Mick and our man in quotes to turn up any results. Perhaps Google is playing with my head.

As far as this puzzle goes, was saltydog correct?

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