Well it looks like a college with the softball fields near the water, a quad and possibly classroom buildings..Although I don't recognise any landmarks of Boston. I am thinking that waggas clue is that I made a good guess when I guessed Boston.Boston oozes history and battles. One of Boston's main industries is Bioengineering due its many local Universities.Brewing is one of the main commercial byproducts of bioengineering, Wagga likes beer, Sam Adams was brewed here.

So I have found the site and Commercial street runs through it.Hence the wagga clue.
I also found the Old North Church and Paul Riveres Mall. So I would say This is where Paul Revere rode by The Old North church waving a latern to warn of the Brittish invasion.One if by sea, 2 if by land or something like that.
Wish I could have picked up on the more obvious type of clue in the last one with tot' n ham.

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