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Random Silliness II (2):

Note: Random silliness I (1) somehow ended up on the wrong thread, where it was maligned, exposed, and made the butt of jokes.

What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% of the speed of light?

Actually, it deserved all of any abuse it attracted. It failed to answer the question. It didn't begin to address the question of trying to hit it. It only discussed the effect of throwing it, and assumed way too much about how one might actually try to hit it.

If the effect of pitching it (which is all that was answered) is so easily predictable (and it is) then it would stand to reason that the act of trying to hit it would anticipate what one was trying to hit.

If I tried to hit it, it wouldn't be with a silly wooden bat while I am standing right in the path of the advancing plasma ball. Hey any hitter knows: bat speed is everything. I'd launch the bat at it (by a remote device BTW) at about T plus 70 nanoseconds, at .95c. Now let's see what would happen.

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