Searching for Cosmos turned up this:
              Cosmos Flower

I can see the similarity between the three flowers and the map below.

The Carl Sagan clue is off the track. "It is not, despite depictions in popular culture, used to assist in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence"

                    Same map, separate window

What finally solved it for me was to Google desert rail antenna "carl sagan"

Edit: Have fun with the map. Best view is to select "Hybrid" on the right "Map" button. Then zoom in or out.

Edit #2: Overcome by curiosity, I had to find pictures of the "NRAO VLA Transporter" Awesome pictures here:
Three pages of thumbnails
VLA Antenna & Transporter 2004
VLA Finley3
Visiting the Very Large Array
NRAO Very Large Array: Transporter

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