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Puzzle: What In The World Happened Here? CLXVI (166):

Now that it is so easy to locate a picture published on the Internet, we have to resort to Google Earth, or our own original photos.

The biggish shed is a fire station, and it would not have been useful either way.

I won the answer when I beat Big Daddy at Pharaoh

Didn't happen anywhere near Chicago.

And something ended up hanging in a tree...

So, assuming Wagga by his absence is not objecting, here's the beans. On January 23, 1961, a B-52 carrying two nuclear bombs broke up in flight and crashed near Goldsboro, NC. The two bombs were released and landed about a mile from the location in the photo.

the fire station is in Faro, NC at the corner of Faro and Big Daddy Roads. The incident was the first so-called broken arrow, or lost nuke. the bombs descended on parachutes, one of which failed and the other of which snagged a tree.

I have no idea what the Chicago comment was about, but the rest of the clues ought to be clear now.

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