Salty is our winner!

Here is the wiki.

Google Mick Jagger movies - on imdb you will find he starred in 10 or 12. Then it's easy.

And I planned to post this movie clip if no-one got it by tonight... (ignore the nonsense tacked onto the end)

Here is the California connection:

"In late March 1879 Ned's sisters Kate and Margaret approached the captain of the Victoria Cross, then docked in Melbourne, and enquired as to how much he would charge to take four or five gentlemen friends to California if they boarded in Queenscliff..."

Just like BCATSK, but in the opposite direction.

At the shootout in Glenrowan, the Kellys were wearing home-made armor. Almost 100 pounds each.

The senior Constable said "Look out, boys, it's the bunyip. He's bullet-proof!"

That was a long debrief. Harvey, take revenge. And I did enjoy the detours.

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