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The satellite picture was the first 113. Sawmill was 114, CXIV, not XCIII or CXIII.

Indeed. Here is 113, which is currently the highest numbered puzzle and is still in play:
What In The World Happened Here? CXIII:  (Link)

I am confused by this one:
What In The World Happened Here? XCIII:  (Link)
It is labeled XCIII = 93 but also labeled 113. It shows the same site as:
What In The World Happened Here? VIII:  (Link)
I am not sure what's going on.

113 mark II is now correctly numbered 114. Which is the same site as a previous puzzle - lightning can twice strike the same place & some of us have a bit of dsilexia going on. So I enjoy the works of the Reverend Spooner.

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