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I see. Sorry, I missed the memo announcing that the rules had changed from having some hope of being able to discern the solution from the original posting to having to read the waggamind not only for the solution but for what the intervening clues might be, even having identified the original post. I thought the game was "What Happened Here?" rather than "What is the WaggaBrain thinking of among all the many things that happened here and all the many ways of characterizing them?"

Thanks for, uh, clarifying.

The rules have always been BCATSK style, ie, none. As a notable contributor in the past, please note that you are (were) the sole arbiter of the "Answer". Posting the answer as encrypted code seems to me to be totally fair.

PM me for instructions for posting encrypted answers.

Since this thread was started, web tools have appeared which makes identifying the original image too simple, so, stating the "place" is no longer the "answer".

The Original Poster needs to supply an exact "what", because the "here" is no longer sufficient. Just sayin'.

He (or She) who posts a puzzle is the final arbiter of the correct answer.

Stay in good health, because, ultimately, that is all that matters. WITWHH is just a game.

Oh ok, then for the sesquicentennial entry:

What In The World Happened Here?

Wherever you go, there you are.