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What In The World Happened Here? CXLV (145):


Where, what, when, and what's nearby?

Since the cat is out of the bag:

What: Tehachapi Loop, a railroad loop where trains pass over themselves in the process of gaining or losing elevation. The loop is near Hwy 58 between Bakersfield and Tehachapi, CA. It is about a mile from Keene, CA, where the President dedicated a national monument on Oct 8, 2012, to Cesar Chavez, founder of the UFW.

Here's the entire picture with the horse:

I think this explains why wagga said the horse's name is NOT Chicken Little. The horse is standing at the edge of the "trench" where the trains head underneath the loop crossover on their way west to Bakersfield.

Here's the map (link)

Here's a Youtube video of a RB/B&B Circus Train on the loop, 7/6/2009:  Circus Train - Tehachapi Loop

Video with a train and a horse:  The SD40M-2 and the horse, at Walong (Tehachapi Loop)