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salty took the huge clue of Peak b (first Western name for Everest) and ran with it - see his clues and mine.

Actually, I didn't. I was doing my running while the "went high" and Peak b clues were being posted.: Never saw them till I posted, and I have never heard of Peak b till now. Here's the real madness to my method: I surmised both "going high" and the Himalayas from the photo: obviously at elevation or desert from the terrain (I chose elevation because of the context) and a 30's era expedition from the attire. SO we have 30's, Himalayas, Trilbys and shorts, ergo British. Induced that the vault was some kind of diversion along the way , so I now I am looking for a Brit mountaineer who happens also to be a pole vaulter. More than enough key words to turn up Longland and the first Ruttlege expedition.

As for who else was there, even if you know Norgay's bio, and surmise that he must have been on this one, you probably don't come up with this expedition. Well known that Norgay was on every British Everest expedition from his first, but his own bios don't list this one. SO from "TN" , you start with 1935. If you find Ruttlege first, however, you find Norgay in 1933.

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