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wagga: This is the crossing of two rivers.

saltydog: Uh, I don't think so. The North distributary of the Kings joins the San Joaquin about 15 miles west of Fresno, but that's way downstream from this point. What is crossing the Kings in in the pic is not the San Joaquin, but the Friant-Kern Canal, as noted above.

Well actually, salty, up until a year ago, the F-K canal took ALL the San Joaquin water in dry years. The river only got what they couldn't hold behind all the dams upstream. The San J riverbed was dry as a bone every summer, while the canal ran deep. Just this year, the fish won a victory, and the farmers are sharing a bit. So it all depends on how you look at it. In waggaspeak, the rivers cross there. smile

Yeah, I understand the hydrology, but if the canal is the river, then this is not the only place rivers cross: it happens all over the valley. (And , it's not "still going on", since the great Fish Victory). By the same reasoning, the Tuolomne River crosses the San Joaquin and San Francisco Bay and empties into the San Francisco sewer system. Is that how we want to think of a river? Not I, any more than ethanol is corn on the cob.

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