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Well, there were a few stellar and almost stellar events that weekend, but I wouldn't want to hazard a guess: this doesn't look to me much like Brentwood, Higher Bebington, Sidney, North Carolina or Soweto

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One of the locations listed is the site of an event that occurred on August 5 of that year. The picture is of a nearby place that dominated the main character's future.

Can't identify which site fits that story. One main character had no future, one site had four main characters, one event actually occurred pretty far outside the city named (and its in doubt who the main character of the specific event really was) one main character definitely could not have come into the picture in any city, and one actually happened pretty far from the site mentioned (although is usually associated with it) and then moved nearby the named place later. This last one is the closest, but I can't match the picture to it, except generally in involves tall buildings. This one has me in a half nelson.

Wherever you go, there you are.