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Got it. This is a good one, hey? Now show us your work.

OK: for everyone watching at home: Its Dead Horse Point, in the Utah state park of the same name, about 35 miles from Moab.

I was pretty sure from the start it was not the Grand Canyon, based on the white limestone band, mainly, but also dead certain it was in the region, based on more general features: the basic geology is pretty continuous from around Moab, Utah, to the Red Rocks of Sedona AZ, so I assumed it was in this formation and probably on the Colorado River. So I ran the obvious traps first to eliminate: Horseshoe Bend, Evel Kneivel and Nick Wallenda. Negative, and tended to confirm eliminating the GC itself. Also noted the building and overlook right on the edge: definitely not the Skywalk, but something similar. So then I focussed on all the Panoramio icons, obviously a very popular spot so I figured it would be described in a way that included the important features. So I ran a search with key words including these features and Colorado River, and got some matches that looked interesting at the State park website. It took Google Earth to confirm, however, as all of the avaialble images are taken FROM this point, not OF it. Once the site was confirmed, the clues were the most fun, involving mustangs and Thunderbirds.

Wherever you go, there you are.