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Thank you Let me guess.....Is this where the Gutenberg Project began....is that round architectural structure a museum where it all started? Hmmm...is the famous museum on Manhattan a Gutenberg.....hmmmm. it may be Gutenheimer. ....been there but can't recall.

Okay...I want you all to know I have been working very hard this week so a glass of wine was on the agenda when I got home tonight. What I wrote above about 10 minutes ago I should erase but I won't ....Mainly because I was thinking of the Guggenheim Museum when I wrote the Gutenheim....I have a feeling I should stay off of this thread...although I do have a good WHAT HAPPENED HERE if I can ever figure out how to post it. 10-4...over and out smile thank you for listening to me ramble:)

It's all good, Lynn-a-roo. grin