Answer: What In The World Happened Here? CXIII: (113)

Here is the site of a ripping yarn, close to home.

"Lost in a thunderstorm over southeastern Australia, Captain R.D. Parmentier and his crew were desperately trying to find a place to land the big DC2 airliner. They were just a few hundred miles from the finish of an epic 11,300-mile race from London to Melbourne and the storm had rendered their communications equipment useless.

While radio operators on the ground tried in vain to reach the aircraft, a mayor in a small town had an idea as bright as the lightning flashing in the sky. He dialed up the city's engineer and asked him to toggle the city's lights in morse code to spell out a message: A-L-B-U-R-Y. The town's name.

Found on Jalopnik.

From the Jalopnik Comments (Click on All):

"And that is still the biggest thing that has ever happened to Albury. God that place is boring."

Albury is around 80 miles south of Wagga & was viewed as the competition. All this though, happened well before my time.

The racecourse (a feature of even the smallest Australian towns) is near the bottom, slightly left of center. The bigger picture was to show the Murray River and it's billabongs as a helpful clue. And North, of course.

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