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I believe "Crissie" had some fun here:

The Eli Cohen picture posted by wagga made it clear that it was the Golan Heights. Now Steve has posted a plausible answer to "what?"

This is a broad view down from the hills. You can see remains of old Syrian army installations that were destroyed in the war when Israel recovered the Golan Heights.
There is a story about an Israeli spy in the confidence of the Syrians who convinced the Syrians to plant fast growing eucalyptus trees around the gun installations and armaments to provide shade for the poor Syrian soldiers who must be on duty in the harsh, hot and open Golan Heights. Of course it also provided targets for the Israeli Air Force as well. The spy was discovered and killed in the main square in Damascus and a book written about him called Our Man In Damascus . His exploits are legendary in Israel.

The question is: Is this the answer wagga was after?