Actually looking for an event here. You may have seen it once before, but you will never see it again.

An aside here, but in 1986 I wanted to take my then-9-year-old son to see Halley's Comet. At the time we lived in Port Hueneme, and figured that we would need to get to South Mountain, near Santa Paula to get an unrestricted South-facing view devoid of city lights.

Well, some problem cropped up, and we only had a few minutes to get anywhere, so we ended up driving to Point Mugu. Imagine our surprise to find literally dozens of telescopes assembled in the parking lot with owners very willing to share the viewing! Mugu is separated from greater LA by the Santa Monica Range, and so is in a city-light shadow.

Halley's 1986 apparition was the least favorable on record. The comet and the Earth were on opposite sides of the Sun in February 1986, creating the worst viewing circumstances for Earth observers for the last 2,000 years. Just my luck.

So, I told Paul that when he was only 84 that he could score a double-Halley. I, however, might not make it...

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