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Answer: What In The World Happened Here? CLXVIII: (148)

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So what is the waggabrain thinking, here? Last white water on the Kings? Point of confluence of Kings, San Joaquin and Kern water? Jedediah Smith's swimmin' hole? (Nope, W said its still goin on). Resurgence of castor canadensis in California? Something to do with the little blue circle, top left?

Glad to see that you are still beavering away at the puzzle, but it's time to drop the penny, so to speak.

This is the crossing of two rivers. After several self-crossing railroads and a railroad triple stack, it seemed time to do a river crossing. The San Joaquin crosses the Kings on it's way south to Bakersfield. I know of no other river crossing another.

Uh, I don't think so. The North distributary of the Kings joins the San Joaquin about 15 miles west of Fresno, but that's way downstream from this point. What is crossing the Kings in in the pic is not the San Joaquin, but the Friant-Kern Canal, as noted above. The F-K carries water from the San Joaquin, but it's pretty much of a stretch to say that's the river itself. The SJ river flows NW to the SJ/Sac delta, not south to Bikersfield. In fact, there's a bunch of canal crossings like this in the Valley, including the one Steve linked to, but river crossing river?

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