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Alan, I will tell the story for him

After he waved to the Queen on her trip to Oz, he was in Warrumbungle, a rock fell off Breadknife, hit him in the head, and ever since then he has had a mental disorder forcing him to write the cryptic letters WITWHH an infinity number of times.

Here is the real story:

My friend Steve (not that Steve) and I hitchhiked out to the 'bungles. On the way we stopped off in Coonabarabran, where we discovered that running down the sidewalk and skating on the metal access plates with carbide steel hobnails at night produced an awesome spark array. Hoons.

We hitched out to an intersection where traffic was measured in vehicles per fortnight. Camped for the rest of the night, then packed up & started a fire to keep warm, as it looked like it would rain soon. Almost immediately, a dump truck stopped. We stomped out the fire, and because the truck cab was full, climbed up into the dump part of the truck (whatever that is called).

Several miles down the road, it started to rain, just as a car came up behind the dump truck. We waved to the car, which passed the truck, giving the truck driver some kind of signal, so the truck stopped & we transferred to the car. With our packs.

It turned out the the car driver was a member of the family that donated a rather large property to the newly-established National Park. He asked us if we would like to visit the private Aviary - Australia's premiere collection of native birds. Yup.

We had planned to climb the Breadknife, having come equipped with hobnail boots & a meager hemp rope. However, it had just been closed to climbing.

We did, however, run all the trails, including the High Tops. Other friends of ours did camp on Bluff Mountain. They noted car headlamps appearing on opposite sides of the horizon and waiting an hour before they met. That is a vista.

We had arranged to meet with John, Robert & the Hawkins bloke, who had driven out to Coober Pedy to hunt for opals. On the way, they had picked up a joey, so, after declaring our very own kangaroo at the gate, we kept him in one of the tents, eventually taking him home to Cooranbong and raising a handsome boomer.

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