Answer: What In The World Happened Here? XCI: (91)

The (Non-native) trees are on San Miguel Island at Cuyler Harbor.

There was a movie link, too:

"Cuyler WAS used as a location for the 1935 filming of Mutiny on the Bounty but the crew "mutinied" over the remoteness of the location, bad weather (a crew member was reportedly swept overboard and lost), and the constant wind. The site was abandoned in favor of the Isthmus at Catalina."

SteveC & I lead a Sierra Club outing there last century, with 9 backpackers. It was in July, and we were the first campers on the entire island that year. We had a phenomenal trip out, the water was like a mill pond and we could see a long way up the coast. The ranger stated that he had never seen such conditions in his 12 years on the island.

We hiked out to Point Bennett and slaughtered a pineapple or 2 and had a great time.

We like to point out that Tongass Forest in Alaska - a long ways off - gets around 10,000 visitors a year. San Miguel, only 55 miles from Greater LA, gets around 200 campers.

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