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OK, some insight, please. It looks like something I'd drive by headed for your neck of the woods. But I did not find it.

Damn! I recognize that cut. It is right in the area I looked on Google Maps when you posted the original picture. Unfortunately, I confined myself to looking along the bigger highway. So, your picture is near the road I would take in order to head for your neck of the woods. And it is on the road I take to get to Mt. Whitney.

Oh man! That's the first place I looked for a match when the picture was first posted.

I sure didn't recognize the pattern, though.
Here's the Gmap4 view (click for full-screen), Beale's Cut at Newhall Pass.
It is a peculiar site on the topo maps that Gmap4 can display -- only the Google Maps terrain view shows the new CA-14 freeway. Also, there are four generations of highways here: The wagon trail, the Newhall Pass tunnel, Sierra Highway (old Hwy 14) and now CA-14, all within half a mile of each other.