Answer: What In The World Happened Here? XXXX CLV (155):

This is a new light-hearted puzzle to make up for the black mystery that is CLIV (154). As far as we know, no one named CLIVe was murdered in that building, though.

A brewer in Queensland, Australia leased a Barrier Reef island named Pumpkin Island and renamed it "XXXX" Island.

Purchasers of XXXX beer might find a ticket in the slabbie that entitles them & 3 mates to a short sweet holiday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on this bogan paradise. You can go there if you are over 18.

PS: My brother informs me that the brew is named "XXXX" because Queenslanders can't spell "beer".

These are the Fourex Angels, but the beer is rubbish.

Verum audaces non gerunt indusia alba. - Ipsi dixit MCMLXXII